This Q Guide for Organizations was developed in the Spring of 2017 to provide more transparency about student organizations at Harvard College and the process by which students can join them. Included in this Guide is information on student organizations, club sports, and volunteer groups affiliated with the College.

The initial responses were collected from students across the Spring and Summer of 2017. Going forward responses will be collected at the end of each semester so that students can access up to date information and so that improvements can be tracked over time. The data enclosed is not scientific but it is illustrative of the student experience. The data varies from quantitative ratings of overall student experiences, information on the comp process when relevant, and qualitative descriptions of the groups.

We hope this information will be used by clubs and organizations to adapt and improve their membership practices based on feedback from their members and that the data provided will be helpful to students as they decide which groups to join. If you have questions please feel free to email us or our successors at


Yasmin and Cameron
2017 UC President & Vice President